Why you should choose Skyler Stratton for your hair and makeup needs

Here are just some of the reasons that I should be your choice for hair and makeup in or near Salt Lake City, UT.

  1. My services are 100% guaranteed!  If you have any issues, questions, changes that you want made after we have done a service, I am happy to adjust what you want so that you feel beautiful.
  2. I love you and I love my job, I really do.  That means that I work hard to make sure you have the best experience possible and the best look for you, your style and your lifestyle.
  3. I listen.  I listen to what you want, what your goals are, what you are looking for in the future.  This way I can do the best job possible to get you the results you are looking for, including making suggestions on the best products and techniques to keep your hair in the best condition possible.  I love seeing pictures of what you are looking for.
  4. Continued education.  I take frequent classes on techniques, products, and business to keep current and ahead of fashion.
  5. The best quality products.  We carry Kerastase, a leader in hairstyling and the best of quality.  I can lead you to what will work best for your hair type and what style you want.
  6. Relaxed, Clean and fun environment.  Our location is in the middle of downtown, easy to get to and fun to be in.
  7. Experience.  I have been doing makeup for over 15 years and hair for over 10 years.  I am experienced with both beauty and fashion hair and makeup.
  8. Variety of services.  I would love to take care of all of your beauty needs: manicures, makeup, and hair.
  9. Teaching you.  I want you to be able to do your hair and makeup as well, so I share techniques and tips to help you get every day beautiful results

Co Washing Made Easy

With the dryness of the desert we live in here in Utah, I’ve been doing a co wash more and more often and been recommending it for my clients during these cold months where going from the cold outside to the heat inside and back again can do a real number on our hair. For the uninitiated, co washing is a conditioner wash. It is a unique technique, though, and if you don’t know how to do it correctly, you may not be getting the benefits.

This was really helpful for me! I hope it helps you, too!

New Year, New York! 

With the new year, I have some new opportunities. I am so excited to be headed to New York for Fashion Week! I have gone through a few auditioning stages, three fashion shows, one photo shoot, and I am finally headed to the big show!

Stay tuned and I’ll update you with more adventures! 


See more of what I do when I’m not in the salon here!

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