Shattered Skye: Photography by Jeremiah Stratton

Here you can find photos and info about the shoots and shows that color my life.  Look to the left for a list or click a pic.

She was young and beautiful and the world fell around her
There is as much beauty in a dressed down, little to makeup face with fresh skin as there is in the most done evening look.
She may destroy you or give you more than you’ve ever had… beware which
These pinups will be available on a calendar in November! Look for it at High Life Salon and Utah Wing of the Commemorative Air Force Museum Thank you again to everyone involved!
Kim is expecting a girl after 4 boys and we’re so excited! To celebrate, we’ve taken pictures before she gives birth and after, we’ll shoot Miranda with her brothers and father and make it into a collage. Kim already has one on her wall and loves it, she can’t wait for the new one!

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