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Holiday Cheer

No matter who you are, the holidays bring a whirlwind of parties and events, but how to do your hair? Here are some ideas.


Soft curls in a smooth blowout


A sleek, quick twist


Fun braids


Or a high pompadour for a little edge. This would be easy to soften and have some high glamour.


Red Carpet Glamour

Tomorrow I am walking the red carpet for a project I have been working on, Proper Manors, and it brings to mind the question “What is real elegance and glamour?”  In life, to me, this is knowing who you are and being that, doing that, with no regrets and no limits.  In appearance, it is making a look timeless and flattering while still unique and you.  Without making it personal, it is a beautiful dress, or outfit, but it is just an outfit.

Specifically, keep it simple.  If you have a sleek figure, make the most of it, follow the line of your body.  You can make it formfitting or soft, but be aware of what looks good on you.  Don’t get carried away with too much superfluous decoration, frills, ruffles… all the extras, it will just distract from your own beauty.  At the same time, don’t be afraid to take a chance, make it your own.  If you are more curvacious, take advantage of your curves, but keep the form of the dress more structured so that it accentuates your body shape without letting everyone see what you would rather hide.

For men, please please please, dress up.  Wear a dress shirt and tie, don’t forget all the trimmings.  French cuffs are sexy and remembering tie clip, cufflinks, shined shoes and all the rest only give you attention in the best way.  Personalize your look, vests, cravats, a flattering cut all will give you a doubletake.