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I am the owner of Skyler Stratton Studio. I work on events from photoshoots to fashionshows, weddings and film in a variety of roles: Producer, Director, Line Producer, Writer, Make-Up Artist, Hairstylist. Check back for updates on what I'm up to and info on beauty, fashion and art.

Michelle is our March Lion!

… Though she’s as easy to work with as a lamb.  Michelle is a stylist at High Life with Skyler.  She saved the day, helping out so much and we had such a hard time choosing only some of her pictures.  She studied vintage pinups and really went for it and it shows!  Here she is on the wing of a plane.


We are releasing our pinup calendar!

There has been a lot of talk about the pinups that we did with vintage planes. It was a long shoot, about 10 hours with 6 girls, each with two looks… well, almost. Anyone that is embarking on an undertaking like this should keep one thing in mind… you need an assistant. We ended up behind and in a rush, but it was so wonderful and we got our shots. It ended up being really special. We have chosen the layout for our calendar and over the next 12 days, we will be releasing the pictures that will be in it! Thank you again, so much, to our models! We appreciate all your hard work! Calendars are now available for preorder, $20 each. Please email me with any requests.

Without further ado, here is January!!!

Hello world!

I am Skyler, a hairdresser since 2003 and the manager at High Life.  I work with my husband, Jeremiah, on photoshoots, whatever and whoever moves us.  This is a glimpse into my world of hair, photoshoots, film and music and how it all ties together to make my life flow.  This spring is gearing up to be really busy with several shoots and a short film to keep me going and inspire me and hopefully you as well!