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December and Maggie finish out the year!

This outfit was Maggie’s grandmother’s, vintage that she actually wore during the 40s.  I love the tailored lines and Maggie looks wonderful in it.  Her smile and commanding attitude pull off the look and make her look straight out of World War II.  The anniversary of Pearl Harbor was just a few days ago and this set of pictures very much reminds me of the strength and sacrifice of those involved.  So many sacrificed, so many died, and so many lived to regroup and stand again.


June rings in the Summer!

June has the longest day of the year, really brings in the summer, and is the month that lets us finally get into swimsuits and appreciate the vintage ones that have gone before.  Michelle is a wonderful example of the beauty of being a girl.  Just seeing this picture makes me want to break into a rendition of “I enjoy being a girl!”  Michelle shows off her beauty and the innocent fun of being feminine.  She makes a perfect June calendar girl!

Our May flower is a Crystal

We have photographed Crystal a number of times.  She’s beautiful and so much fun!  She is very professional and really works at being the best that she can.  When we came to the calendar shoot, we had brought some extra outfits.  Crystal had brought several outfits of her own, but when she saw this wonderful vintage slip, she had to wear it.  She created the outfit herself out of bits and pieces she had brought.  It turned out wonderfully and we loved the look.  We have more surprises in store with Crystal, so stay tuned!  For now, here is our May calendar girl!

April will bring all the right kind of showers.

April is all about rainy days to bring the joy after.  Who needs flowers with how she wonderfully pulls this off?  Audrey is beautifully showing the side that says “Sailor, your mom warned you about women like me.”  Audrey stepped in at the last minute when we had several models cancel.  She’s a superstar in my book.  I love how she worked this out and looks awesome in her curvy body.