Proper Manors and the Filmed in Utah Awards

Last night was the Filmed in Utah Awards, and I was privileged to go. Proper Manors, the web series that I work on as the head of the Hair and Makeup department, was nominated for several awards and everyone was so excited that writer and director Brandyn Cross won for Best Song and L. D. Weller won for Best Actor. All of this after a full day of appointments at High Life Salon & Drybar. I am so grateful for my clients and my coworkers!


Although I didn’t win, I am so grateful that I was nominated!  Thank you, Buxom Modern Plus Boutique for the help and the dress!

I look forward to more filming, always improving and more awards for the show at the newly named Utah Film Awards!

@ProperManors @FilmBuzzTV #shopbuxom @HighLifeSalon


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