How to get amazing Balayage and Ombre

We all want beautiful hair color. Unfortunately we have all had experiences where we didn’t get the color we wanted. Here are some ways to avoid that.


1. Bring pictures! These can be torn out of a magazine, on your tablet or even your phone.
2. Compare what you want to what you have. Things like “I want blonde” or “I want just a little lightness” don’t make a lot of sense because they are not precise. However, if you want your hair just 2 shades lighter or two shades darker, it’s easier.
3. Know your hair history and don’t lie. If you had your hair colored 6 months ago and your hair is long, I need to know that. If you have dark hair and you dye the ends every time you get it done, I need to know that. This is so that we, your hairstylists can make the correct formulation and give you correct expectations. Plus, we may not tell you, but we can tell.
4. Know the difference between Warm and Cool. This is important because usually people have a strong opinion on what they like in their hair. If you usually like hair that is sun kissed, you probably like warmth. If you constantly fight brass or feel like your hair is too yellow, you probably prefer cool tones. If you don’t know -ask-! We are happy to show you.


5. Listen when we give you advice. We want you to have beautiful hair too! We have reasons to give you the advice we do! We love to geek out on hair and tell you why we do things so if you are wondering why we tell you to do or use something, just ask.


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