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How to get good hair every day

There are a few different parts to getting your hair to do what you want and having a good hair day every day. The first is Structure. You must have something in the hair, not just to protect against heat and the environment, but to give your style, whatever it is, support to stay beautiful all day. The second thing to think about is Form. If you like sleek, straight hair, roughing your hair or drying it curly is not going to help you. You will not get volume from letting your hair airdry flat against your head and beautiful curls do not magically appear just by tousling. Keep your result in mind as you style your hair. Finally, remember your Finish and what you want out of it.

Structure is what will hold your style and the texture you want. There is no way you can hold what you want to do with your hair without that support. Using product makes getting what you want out of your hair possible.  Also, you will find that using the appropriate product will make a huge difference. For volume, blowdry your hair. My favorite products are Paul Mitchel Awapuhi Wild Ginger Hydrowhip mousse and Bumble and bumble Thickening Spray.  Use a mouse to get a soft, voluminous finish with a brush. Thickening spray is better for more stubborn hair and also for more hold. You can use it to dry style curls or blowdry and even set your hair. 

Form is what you are doing to get the shape that you want out of your hair. Think about what you want your final look to be and then what you need to do to get there. Here are a few key tips… To get more volume or to straighten your hair, give good tension. Pull your hair the opposite way it lays for more volume. Always use a nozzle and point it down your hairshaft, toward the ends, for a cleaner, more sleek finish. Blowdry the ends of your hair with a brush so they look flawless. For curly hair, try twisting it and then diffusing it with high heat, low speed. I love Bumble and bumble Straight and Paul Mitchel Awapuhi Wild Ginger Styling Oil for smooth hair.

When Finishing your hair, ask yourself a few questions. Do you want your hair shiny? Do you have to fight humidity? Are you looking for tousled? Moldable? Sleek? All of these come into play. How firmly do you want your hair to hold? Then ask your stylist what the right product for you is.

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